Hire a Boston WingWoman Savvy Ice-Breakers at Your Service!

Susan Baxter Ė President/Online Profile Consultant

Susan Baxter studied Sociology in the United States and Paris, France, and has a Master's degree in Applied Sociology from the University of Massachusetts. She has been featured in a multitude of media sources such as The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, NBC, CBS Radio, and KISS 108 FM. From her vast online and in-person dating experience, leading dating workshops, and listening to what her clients look for in a potential date, she has a wealth of knowledge to share with those who want to accomplish their dating goals. Susan also has vast knowledge of the local lounges, bars, upcoming events, and other social settings in which meeting someone would be ideal.

Sabrina - Manager/Dating Coach

Even before Sabrina started working with Hire a Boston WingWoman in 2010, she would act as a wingwoman to both her male and female friends for years. She is excellent at observing and pinpointing exactly what a client needs to change about his or her behavior and approach in order to attract whomever they are interested in. She also gives clients suggestions on things they can work on independently in between wingwoman outings. Her amazing success with clients was a huge contributing factor to her promotion to Manager of HBWW in 2012, and we canít wait to see even more clients improve with her help!

Margarita - Dating Coach/Image Consultant

Margarita is fun, happy, hot, and smart. She helps clients discover their "superman/superwoman" side without using cliche techniques from PUA. Margarita sees style as an art, a science, and an absolute necessity! While working as a model, she travelled around Europe and participated in many fashion shows and photo shoots, where she gained valuable knowledge about the industry. She has been styling and personal shopping for nearly 6 years, has worked with a wide variety of clients, and has met some amazing people! If you hire her, make sure you're ready to be YOUR best and meet the best.

Paulina - Image Consultant

With a stylist/seamstress grandmother, Paulina received an early education on the finer points of fashion craftsmanship, tailoring, textiles and design. After working as a runway and print model, Paulina explored her passion for apparel by receiving an MBA with a focus in Fashion Management in the northern Europe fashion capital of Antwerp, Belgium. It was in Antwerp that Paulina launched her successful blog focusing on Fashion and 3D Printing, Additive Fashion. With an eye on design, fabrics, and sustainability, Paulina will guide you in building a look of timeless class and refined simplicity. She can help you pick out the perfect outfit to transition you anywhere from the boardroom to the ballroom.